Art Trek 2018

Whoopee, Art Trek is here. Hello to everyone that has already visited, it has been so wonderful to meet so many lovely art enthusiasts, it’s great to hear about what you have seen and the arts and crafts you produce. Can’t wait for the next few weeks, and meeting so many more of you, I hope you all enjoy your visits.

I am at number 35 in the guide book, if you don’t have a book we have a few here if you would like to start your explorations with us. (hopefully I am easy to find with signs on the road and outside the house) The week after I am off on a holiday so catch me before I go.

Art Trek

art trek

Hello everyone I am sorry but I haven’t had internet for ages, so I am doing this from a very lovely hotel that serves good coffee. I wanted to promote the Art Trek event that starts next weekend, my studio will be open Friday,Saturday and Sunday. Please visit as many of us as you can and enjoy seeing us in our studios. If you need to make contact please use the mobile 07962925853.